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2 Olympic medals

During the first week of March the annual Komatsu Technology Olympics at the Komatsu UK plant in Birtley, UK took place. The tournament is part of a global technology competition inside the Komatsu organization, open only to employees and key-suppliers. The competition is based around testing the skills and technical knowledge of competitors and is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their high level technical ability.

The highlight is the All Komatsu Technology Olympics, held every autumn at a domestic plant in Japan.

The global tournament in 2014 consists of 8 categories, Machining, Welding, Assembly, Painting, Parts Inspection, Heat Treatment, Maintenance and Casting.

In 2013, 203 competitors took part in the All Komatsu Technology Olympics, including 50 competitors from 10 countries outside of Japan and 30 from suppliers

During the event in the UK contestants could compete in 4 categories, Welding, Painting, Assembly and Machine Inspection.
Competitors who achieve first place at KUK will then be trained to compete at the global finale in Japan.
A total of 86 contestants competed in both theoretical and practical tests. No less than 100 questions were to be correctly answered within a certain time limit.

The practical tests were to be completed as quickly and accurately as possible. Points are awarded, or deducted, according various criteria such as procedures, knowledge, quality, safety etc.

In 2013 Van der Vlist Technical Services entered with 1 competitor in the Olympics. In the Assembly category we reached as high as the bronze medal with a 3rd place.

This year we entered in two categories, again Assembly and, as the very first non-Komatsu entity, we competed at Machine Inspection.
Both the Van der Vlist contestants ended up on the podium. In the assembly category we consistently took 3rd position. At Machine inspection van der Vlist received a lot of appreciation for reaching the silver medal with a 2nd place.

Once again van der Vlist has shown the skills and know-how of its organization. To be given the opportunity to compete in this tournament shows the strong partnership between Komatsu and Van der Vlist, the end-result is a further confirmation that Van der Vlist has adapted to the Komatsu Way.

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