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Arctic delivery

Whilst it may appear that Spring is most certainly underway in most of Europe, there are some parts which are still cold, snowy and icy. Van der Vlist have experienced this recently with a delivery into the arctic circle.

A 3 axle truck and 5 axle trailer departed Van der Vlist’s Polish facility to collect a 4,6m wide bearing frame, weighing 41 tons from Hamburg for delivery to a hydro-electric power station in the extreme north of Norway, 150km into the arctic circle.

As Van der Vlist regularly drives in Scandinavia all year round, the cargo was in safe hands. Spiked chains were placed on the wheels of both truck and trailer to cope with the conditions, and a private escort was arranged as well as the 2 police vehicles required in Sweden and Norway.

Upon reaching the destination, the final part was to drive into a mountain, where the power station was located in order to offload the bearing frame, where it would replace the old one. 8 days after collecting the piece in Germany, the truck began it’s journey back to the spring climate in mainland Europe, having safely and efficiently completed this task.

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