Statement Van der Vlist regarding coronavirus: In light of current events Van der Vlist has taken preventive measures in order to reduce risk of contamination. Advise and guidelines as issued by the official Authorities remain leading. We aim to safeguard the continuity of our services and we thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.
We entrust each other to God’s care.
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A bridge to the Far East

Van der Vlist recently shipped a telescopic access bridge from the manufacturer’s quay in the northern Netherlands to its final destination Nantong shipyard. The door-to-door journey of this 32-tonne access bridge was fully co-ordinated by Van der Vlist. With a length of 35 metres, a width of over 3 metres and a height of nearly 6 metres a barge was required for the transport to Antwerp Port.

After having arrived safely at the port of Shanghai, the access bridge was transshipped to another barge for on-carriage to its final destination. The telescopic access bridge will be used to transfer personnel safely to an accommodation unit offshore or to the quayside. In the recent past telescopic access bridges even larger than this one (35.5 x 7 x 9m LxWxH, 85 tonnes) have been safely transported door-to-door under the supervision of Van der Vlist.

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