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Bringing the heat

Van der Vlist have recently completed a project to warm the lives of a whole community. The task was to transport two wood burning boilers and one gas boiler from Venlo in Limburg, Netherlands to Besançon in Eastern France.

The three boilers, the largest of which measures 10,5 metres long, 4,07 metres wide and 4,38 metres high, and weighs in at 60 500 KG. To accommodate these boilers, Van der Vlist had to use their modular trailers. The wood based boilers required 6 axle vessel bridge trailers, and an 8 axle vessel bridge trailer was used to move the gas boiler.

The large boilers had to be navigated through some tight corners as they worked their way through French roads, particularly around the village of Vallerois-Lorioz, but the private escort vehicles accompanying the transports were able to guide them smoothly through these turns and on to their destination.

For more information about any of Van der Vlist’s activities email info@vandervlist.com or call +31 184 606 600.

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