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We entrust each other to God’s care.
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Focus Spain – not as gloomy as you think

For a special road transport operator, Spain is always a difficult area; the European gateways of Holland and Germany are over 1300 kms from the Spanish border. In these times, transport companies demand high rates to drive this far as there is little chance of a backload.

So, Van der Vlist Iberia are finding that the multimodal method is king! General Manager, Lain Repsold states, “Spain is currently importing a lot of cargo from the growing economies of north eastern Europe. By using the Ro-Ro services at Bilbao and Santander, we are able to ship cargo to and from these areas as well as the rest of Northern Europe. We are able to tranship the goods at either end allowing us to move project and out of gauge cargo efficiently and cost effectively. This method allows us to use Van der Vlist equipment for short journeys from the collection to port and from port to delivery without the need for potentially costly door to door transports”.

As Van der Vlist is also present with its own facilities in countries like Russia and Poland, Van der Vlist can offer a door to door service to and from all northern and eastern European countries, guaranteeing that the complete supply chain will be held in Van der Vlist hands.

“This can be the key factor for a successful project, allowing us to converse in the local languages throughout the movement, which for elements such as customs regulations is critical in these countries”.

For more information about Van der Vlist Iberia, please contact Lain direct on +34 9 33191517 or email him at

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