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Hong Kong drilling tower

Van der Vlist have recently arranged the shipment of an enormous geotechnical drilling tower, from the Manufacturer in the Netherlands to Hong Kong.

The drilling rig, weighing 250 tonnes had to be dismantled before shipment, but even so the weight of each piece was up to 66 tonnes, 24 metres long and 6 metres high. With the total of approx. 2500 freight tonnes it could not be moved by road, and therefore it was all barged to Rotterdam.

The pieces were to arrive directly in a shipyard in Hong Kong, and due to the draft restrictions there, they couldn’t arrive by liner vessel but a charter vessel had to be arranged for shipment from Rotterdam into Hong Kong. Loading / unloading took place by ships gear.

Customs was all arranged in the arrival port, and the tower was unloaded and discharged smoothly on quay upon arrival.

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