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Silo Saratov

Van der Vlist recently carried out a long journey from central Europe, all the way out to Saratov in South-western Russia. The job involved taking two large 15 Ton silos as well as 3 trucks full of parts.

The 3 tilt-trucks carrying parts for the silos drove straight through to the destination, with all documents pre-arranged, ensuring a smooth passage through multiple countrises, all the way through without having to wait for customs clearance at any borders.

However due to the 18m length and 3,6m height and 3,3m width it would have worked out very expensive to take the silos themselves directly there as well, the cheapest way to move them for the client was therefore to go the 1000km by road to the North of Germany, to be loaded onto a ferry and shipped across to St Petersburg, where Van der Vlist’s Russian office arranged the 1600km transport down to Saratov.

For more information of any of Van der Vlist’s activities call +31 184 606 600 or +7 812 334 0190 in Russia, or alternatively email info@vandervlist.com.

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