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Sustainability day

On 2nd February, Van der Vlist joined with other logistics companies to hold a sustainability day in three locations around Groot Ammers, Holland. The day was set up to educate, inform and entertain over 100 drivers and their families, and called Personeelsdag Blauwzaam.

On show were a variety of vehicles, European truck manufacturers such as Volvo and Iveco were able to showcase their newest vehicles to those assembled. Renault provided an electric car which everyone present was able to test drive in order to see what difference it makes to a driver. The drivers could then contrast the experience of driving an electric car to driving a formula one car, as a simulator was brought in for the day.

Constructors of heavy machinery are also more and more conscious of the sustainability of their products. On show at the event was an array of sustainable construction machinery, such as a hybrid Komatsu excavator, which people could look at and even try out. The fuel consumption of hybrid vehicles is much lower than regular engines; research has shown that there is a reduction of between 25 and 40% in the CO2 emissions when using a hybrid vehicle.

As part of the special day, a driver training session was organised. The session was aimed at educating the Van der Vlist drivers in both the safety and sustainability of their driving. The instructors present focused on simple things such as ensuring that the mirrors of the truck are positioned perfectly in order to minimise their blind spot. The drivers also ran through some simple tricks to aid fuel efficiency, such as reducing the maximum speed on a motorway and reacting quickly to traffic changes. Small changes such as these can have a big impact on harmful emissions such as Carbon dioxide, and ultimately will contribute to a healthier environment.

The experience ended with a group discussion about what they had learnt during the day. The drivers shared their own tips for fuel efficiency as well as their individual views on the importance of sustainability in the industry.

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