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The Power to Care for museum pieces

Many of the loads which Van der Vlist transports worldwide are brand new equipment, but during the last couple of years Van der Vlist has become increasingly involved in transporting restored equipment with a rich history to museums or private collections across the globe. These special loads are handled with the same care and dedication as all loads which Van der Vlist transports.

The door-to-door transport of ancient military tanks, bought by a collector in the USA, required Van der Vlist to provide specialist advice and support with regard to the packing and handling in order to prevent any damage, as well as customs clearance and on-carriage to the final destination.

For further information about the services which Van der Vlist can offer, please call +31 184 606 600 or e-mail info@vandervlist.com.

Van der Vlist – The Power to Care

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