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Van der Vlist UK move generator to India

Van der Vlist UK recently transported a generator and steam turbine from the UK to India, via Rotterdam.

The generator measured 6.73ml x 4.28mw x 3.31mh, and weighed 52 ton. It was transported using a 4 axle truck and 6 axle semi-low loader.

The turbine measured 8.70ml x 4.78mw x 4.20mh, and weighed 57 ton. We used a 6 axle truck and 4 axle low-loader.

Our driver uplifted the generator off it’s stools using the trailer hydraulics, and the steam turbine was jacked down onto our low loader at the loading address in the UK.

3 other trucks were loaded with ancillary items, and the equipment was delivered on schedule and on time.

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