Statement Van der Vlist regarding coronavirus: In light of current events Van der Vlist has taken preventive measures in order to reduce risk of contamination. Advise and guidelines as issued by the official Authorities remain leading. We aim to safeguard the continuity of our services and we thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.
We entrust each other to God’s care.
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Across the continent

Van der Vlist are in the process of moving some large shipbuilding parts across Europe, from the eastern border of Romania, all the way into Rotterdam.

The project involves the movement of 16 large metal pieces, weighing around 15 tons each. Over a period of around a month they are moving them on low loaders across Europe. The low bed trailers are required due to the cargo’s height of 420cm, and given the diameter of up to 502cm, each piece has to be carefully loaded and unloaded by overhead crane.

The long journey through the continent required multiple permits and escorts, in line with the regulations in each of the 5 countries that the load passes through, which are all set in place for a smooth movement over the 3 000 km journey.

For more information about any of Van der Vlist’s services, please email or call +31 184 606 600.

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