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New trailer, old firetruck

Zwaar Transport Twente, along with VSE and Recker GmbH have developed a new 2 axle narrowbed low loader, engineered to transport combine harvesters.

The rear electrical steering means that no steering beams are required, reducing the weight of the trailer, and because no turntable is needed the height of the gooseneck is reduced as well. The turning radius is fully programmable depending on the length of the trailer, and it’s driveable at any height, without additional tyre wear.

This new trailer is already in operation, but the first job was not transporting a harvester, but it was to move an old emergency fire vehicle. At 2,55m wide, 9,3m long and 3,16m high, and weighing 12 tonnes, the vintage Mercedes truck with extendible ladder, had to be moved from Stuttgart to Enschede.

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