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Drumming up business in Russia

Van der Vlist recently completed the transport of a large drum dryer from Dinklage, Germany all the way out to Chaykowsky in Russia.

The Buttner drum dryer was too large to transport by itself, so had to be disassembled into parts for transportation, the largest of which was 5.46 metres in diameter and 3.99 metres high, and the heaviest weighed 26.65 tonnes.

After disassembly, Van der Vlist took the dismantled parts from Dinklage to Kiel, where it was shipped across to St Petersburg. Van der Vlist’s Russian office in St Petersburg then arranged the onward journey from St Petersburg all the way to Chaykovsky. The movement in Russia alone was over 1400 kilometres.

The dryer parts arrived safely after the long journey, and were unloaded to be re-assembled ready for work drying sugar beet.

For more information about Van der Vlist’s operations in Russia please email info@vandervlist.com or call +7 812 334 0190.

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