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Dryer in Russia

Recently Van der Vlist dealt with a logistical issue in Russia, where they are expanding their operations. They received a shipment of dryers from China, which were to be taken 1250km from St Petersburg, where there is a Van der Vlist office, to Efremov, around 100km south of Tula.

These dryers were 14.7 metres long, 5 metres wide and 5.5 metres tall. They posed a problem in taking them the great distance required. The experts in St Petersburg therefore set about dismantling them into three pieces in order to make transporting them much easier. They separated them into the cover weighing 8 tonnes, the rotor weighing 80 tonnes, and the base, which weighed in at 30 tonnes.

It took 20 days and 34 trips to deliver the full load of dryers to the job site in Efremov, where they were able to be re-assembled and were ready for use. Van der Vlist worked with representatives of their client and engineers in order to complete the task as efficiently as possible, providing the best solution for the client.

For any enquiries about our operations in Russia, or for further information e-mail info@vandervlist.com or call +7 812 334 0190.

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