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We entrust each other to God’s care.
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Sweet job

Van der Vlist received an order to transport the parts of a sugar factory to the south of Poland. Our drivers travelled 400km, with some of the pieces being 6.2m wide.

The preparations took several weeks and during this time the transport route was carefully planned and checked. It was necessary to agree the transport schedule with the authorities and dismantle some items of street furniture, including road signs and guard rails. Because the cargo was more than 6m wide, it was necessary on some parts of the route for the roads to be closed and cleared to allow the trucks to use the entire width of the road.

The first challenge was leaving the loading site, where the gate measured exactly 6m wide but the cargo was 6.2m wide. Nothing is impossible for the experienced drivers of Van der Vlist. The cargo left the factory in one piece and was delivered safely after a two-day journey.

Van der Vlist has years of experience organising abnormal transports across the whole of Europe and we have a wide variety of specialised trucks and trailers to provide our customers with the best service possible.

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