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New truck designs released

You may soon start to see some different looking Van der Vlist trucks driving around Europe.

Van der Vlist have changed the design of their fleet, which will be all over Europe at the moment. Whilst they are keeping the current trucks with their original designs, all new trucks are being updated, with a fresh look to align with the company’s logo and design.

The first orange truck that Van der Vlist used was in the 1960s, and as time went on the trucks developed to have a green and yellow pattern from the original Van der Vlist logo amongst the orange paintwork. This design has stayed with Van der Vlist from the early 1970s, and evolved with the designs of truck manufacturers as time has gone by.

So why change? The new trucks will still show the traditional orange as the predominant colour, but now without the green and yellow. Instead it features the V button company logo and the phrase ‘The Power to Care’ which represents the company’s ethos, in the same grey as the Van der Vlist trailers. This is to bring the Van der Vlist trucks in line with the rest of the company image, as featured on the website and company merchandise.

Nico Van der Vlist, Managing Director, commented “The trucks represent our business across Europe, and if you look at the history of them you will see we are always evolving. These new designs are a part of that and they show that we are moving forwards.”

To celebrate this, Van der Vlist have released a special edition 1:50 Scale model of the Scania 142E torpedo with the previous design. This truck was in operation between 1986 and 1996, before then being used solely on the Van der Vlist premises until 2007 when it was retired and re-furbished, and is now on site at Van der Vlist’s Groot-Ammers headquarters as an ‘Oldtimer’. This special edition model can be purchased for €72 by emailing

These new trucks will be out on the road all across the continent, carrying heavy goods, with escorts provided, and customs formalities taken care of, following the completion of route surveys. From door to door, or port to port, European to worldwide, Van der Vlist will be able to help. For more information on Van der Vlist’s services, email or call +31 184 606 600.

Van der Vlist – The Power to Care

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