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ZTT reap the rewards of the agricultural industry

ZTT, part of the Van der Vlist Transport Group are finding that business is blossoming due to the start of the agricultural season. ZTT have focussed for many years on specialist transport of harvesters, sprayers, tractors, silos amongst all manner of farming and land cultivation equipment.

In particular, the ZTT fleet includes specialist trailers that are designed to handle large machinery such as combines with the ability to move the unit and the cutter bars in one transport.

The first movements of the year tend to be for some of the ancillary equipment such as silos, sprayers and hoppers; however, demand soon grows as the season progresses so machines such as the Claas Lexion 750 are transported more and more regularly.

Most of Europe has been seeing an unseasonably warm and early spring, which is great for ZTT, however, as can be seen from the photo above, there are still some areas that are to catch up! It was still minus 25 degrees when this transport to Finland took place at the end of February! We are also seeing a return to the wintery conditions in many areas, but, you can guarantee that ZTT will deliver whatever the weather.

For more information about ZTT, please call +31 548 513 865 or email info@ztt.nl

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