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Production Line delivered using Just In Time Strategy

A recent project for the Van der Vlist group involved the delivery of a complete production line to a factory near Budapest, Hungary. Produced in China, the cargo was shipped from Shanghai port to Rotterdam on flatracks and consisted of 39 oversized crates with dimensions up to 342cm wide and 379cm high.

Once in Rotterdam, they were barged to the Van der Vlist Terminal in Moerdijk where the crates were then unloaded from the flatracks and then stored for a short time at Van der Vlist’s largest secure facility. This temporary storage allowed Van der Vlist to load the cargo to Van der Vlist trucks for the final leg of the journey down to Hungary by road and also keep to the strict delivery schedule outlined by the receiver in Hungary.

Martin van Dam, MD of Van der Vlist logistics commented that “the unloading schedule on site was very strict as the production line was being built as the cargo was being delivered. We had a two week window to deliver the full consignment of 39 boxes and each one had to arrive in the correct order. In total, we sent 31 trucks from Moerdijk to Hungary, a journey of around 1400kms per truck.”

The deliveries were completed on time and within budget allowing the receiver to get their new line up and running in as short a time as possible.

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