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Short Haul for Air Cargo

In May 2012, Van der Vlist Projecten was asked to advise on the loading and transport of a Fokker F-27 airplane. The iconic 1971 model had been re-painted into the original style and was to be placed as a memorial at the entrance to the Fokker Logistics Park a development in the area where the former Fokker factory was situated.

The dimensions of the airplane were 23.6 x 29 x 9.1 metres, so due to the size, it was not possible to taxi the airplane by the road. Van der Vlist were asked to find a solution that would allow the airplane to be loaded onto a truck and transported from the paint shop based on Schiphol airport to its final destination.

Van der Vlist proposed to use the Van der Vlist lifting system to protect the fresh paint and load the airplane onto an 8 axle modular trailer equipped with beams to carry the landing gear. The loaded transport could then be driven on the runway at Schiphol airport directly to the Fokker Logistics Park. As the complete transport would take place on Schiphol airport it was necessary to work closely with local airport authorities, custom officers, airport security, Delta Development and the logistics park management.

At the beginning of July a meeting with all parties involved took place and a route survey was made. It was decided that before the actual transport could take place several gates, traffic signs, light posts and road barriers had to be removed. Ramps would also be required at several points.
On the 12th of July the transport took place. Van der Vlist lifted the airplane and the trailer was driven underneath. After securing the airplane onto the trailer the airport security guided the transport to the Fokker Logistics Park. The most critical point of the transport was at the entrance to the Logistics Park. With the gateway only 8 metres wide and the width of the special beams supporting the landing gear at 7.95 metres it only left 2.5cm clearance on either side.

The actual transport only lasted for half an hour, although when you included the lifting, loading and unloading the operation took a full day to complete. Van der Vlist Projecten were involved in the management and the execution of this project from inception to completion.
You can see a video of some of the key points of the transport on our Youtube channel

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