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We entrust each other to God’s care.
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Technical Services

Service, maintenance and modification of machinery

Assembly and modification

We are experienced in the assembly and modification of earthmoving, road-construction, agricultural and other mobile and heavy machinery.
The build process is specific to the requirements of both the country of destination and the consignee themselves. Many of our customers require machinery to be ready for immediate use. On behalf of renowned manufacturers, we hold the base machinery in many of our bonded warehouses in readiness for customer requirements. In some cases we conduct the assembly or modifications on location to reduce costs even further.
Modifications of arms, booms, tracks, hydraulic functions, changing the colour scheme or building optional systems (for instance central lubrication), through to the complete assembly of a 5,000 part dumper truck into a complete machine, are everyday tasks for our team of experienced technicians. This allows us to reduce delivery times to days instead of weeks or even months.

Pre-delivery inspection (PDI)

Quality assurance is an essential aspect of the logistical process, our PDI department is responsible for the functional and visual inspection of machines in conformity with our customers’ specifications. Their activities comprise of a thorough product check according to quality demands specified by our customers. Any defects are observed and reported within the various stages of the build process and corrected by our qualified employees. The machine then moves to the washing and refurbishment bay prior to the final inspection.
After the PDI, the manufacturer is guaranteed delivery of a high quality product. In turn, the ‘costs of poor quality’ are reduced and the end user has a machine at their disposal that is clean and ready for immediate use.

Painting and washing

From small touch-ups to full re-sprays on machines, we can match any shade with our colour spectro-metre, even in chemical resistant paint. From restoring second hand machines to applying client specific colours, including protective coatings, our specialist paint booths and equipment are there to ensure that we give all machinery the perfect finish.
With washing bays on site, we ensure that before any machinery leaves our site, it is thoroughly clean following any modifications, and is then ready to be transported in perfect condition.

Customs and fiscal

We are able to act as a fiscal representative on behalf of our foreign customers. We have extensive knowledge in this area of legislation and take care of the declaration and balancing of local VAT, as well as other administrative work, such as statistical reports. In conjunction with the customer, we search for the solution with the greatest benefits and the lowest costs.
With bonded warehouses, goods remain in transit until they are required. Machines can then be assembled and modified without having to pay duties or taxes until the machine is sold. With trusted partners in practically every country we can work comfortably within a complex international framework.

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