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Van der Vlist Iberia transport 53 metre wind turbine blades

Van der Vlist Iberia recently managed the transport of some of the longest wind turbine blades ever manufactured. The blades, each measuring 53.2 metres long, were for a wind farm project in Germany, managed by one of Van der Vlists longstanding clients, Stute Verkehrs-GmbH, Bremen, Germany

Although the distance of each movement was only 43 kms and there were only three blades to be moved, the transport was a challenge as pieces of this size had never been moved before over this route from the manufacturers to the port.

The original transport plan was to move one blade per day, therefore utilising only one truck / trailer combination. However, two days before the first movement, Van der Vlist Iberia was informed that the manufacturing plant was due to close for the winter break leaving only two days to move the three blades. It was also evident that the Spanish authorities had not issued the permits meaning that on the day of loading, Van der Vlist Iberia had to arrange urgent meetings with the permit authorities to obtain the necessary paperwork. A further discussion was then required to secure an urgent police escort. Normally, the police require a minimum of three working days from the date that the permit is issued to arrange an escort, however, on this occasion, they were very co-operative in providing this service almost immediately.

With an additional vehicle also in place, the first two blades were loaded and moved with no problems. On returning to the manufacturing site to load the final piece, the weather had changed with high winds blowing. Luckily, the weather changed again after an hour allowing the final blade to be loaded and the Van der Vlist leg of the project to be completed. A vessel was then chartered by Stute Verkehrs with the three blades loaded to the port for onward transport to Germany.

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