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Van der Vlist manages exceptional dimensions to Italy

Van der Vlist is eager to face any challenge which appears almost impossible! Recently we were asked to transport a metal dome of 5.16m wide and 4.22m high from The Netherlands to Italy. The first challenge was the entrance gate being too narrow, and we were therefore required to lift the dome over the fencing.

Also transport by road to Italy was not possible because at these dimensions it is not possible to get permits by road across large parts of Europe. Therefore the dome was transported at night to the nearest water connection and secured onto a 40ft flat rack. After arrival at the Italian port the dome was reloaded to a trailer for the final leg to the factory where essential maintenance was performed on the dome. Afterwards the entire process was repeated in reverse, with the finished dome being returned back to the original starting point.

For further information about the services which Van der Vlist can offer, please call +31 184 606 600 or e-mail info@vandervlist.com.

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