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Wide and Heavy Terex Move takes in Rural France

Movements to and from France have been plentiful for Van der Vlist in 2012. This movement of a mining dump truck that took place during June is a particularly good example of some of the challenges faced when completing movements in this region and makes use of three of the Van der Vlist Group Business Units.

Van der Vlist Modular Transport were asked to collect a Terex TR100 from the factory in Motherwell and deliver the machine to Callas in Southern France. As can be seen from the photos, this is a large machine with dimensions of 10.80 ML x 5.15 MW x 4.90 MH and weighs in at 56 tons. Within the UK, this is not too problematic as height is not such an issue. Van der Vlist UK Van der Vlist UK managed the 300 KM UK leg of the transport along with the required permits, escorts and documentation which culminated with a ro-ro sailing from Teesport to Zeebrugge.

Once the machine was on the continent, it was loaded to a Van der Vlist 2 bed 4 modular trailer that was jacked up to allow the wheels to be removed. This allowed the overall height of the dump truck to be reduced to 4.05 M to prepare for the transport through mainland Europe. The final loaded dimensions of the trailer, cargo and 4 axle truck came in at 30 ML x 4.15MW x 4.45MH and total 107 ton!

With over 1200 KM’s still left to travel on the continent and over 1000 KM’s of the journey through France, the movement was by no means over. France has stringent regulations about the movement of abnormal loads that stipulate that the national highways cannot always be used. This meant that small local roads through rural towns and villages had to be included as part of the route that took in no less than 12 French subdivisions. Each of these were then required to approve the movement prior to being counter signed by the central office. The timescale for this process is difficult to predict and can take around 2 months, sometimes longer should there be any issues highlighted.

In this case, the permits were issued within 8 weeks with the instruction that in addition to the two Van der Vlist escort cars, two police escorts would also be required to accompany the transport for the full movement through France. It also became apparent that due to the width of the transport, there would be a number of occasions in both Belgium and France where street furniture would need to be removed and replaced.

Once on site, the machine was reunited with its wheels that had been sent on ahead using one of Van der Vlist Speciaal en Zwaar’s semi-trailers. In total, the full process from receipt of order to the delivery took 10 weeks when the planning, route surveys and permit applications were taken into account, even though the transport itself from collection to delivery took little more than 13 days!

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