Ms Marina

Van der Vlist has lots of experience in transporting wind turbines. We have a complete fleet with specific trailers for all wind turbine parts. However, sometimes the parts can’t be transported by road directly, due to their dimensions. In this case, Van der Vlist has the capability to transport via inland waterway instead.

Getting the parts from A to B is a more complex process than just loading and unloading. Van der Vlist organizes the unloading of seagoing vessels direct to the storage location in Amsterdam. From there, parts are loaded onto barges at terminal Amsterdam and unloaded at the Flevokustport in Lelystad, where Van der Vlist owned reach stackers are used to move the parts. Thereafter, our fleet of trailers come into play to drive the parts to site.

In addition to the usual fleet of barges, there was a longer barge this time, the Ms Marina. With her bigger capacity, the Van der Vlist team was able to load more windmill parts. This transport consisted of different specific tower parts for a wind turbine, each weighing between about 80 and 100 tons. Although it’s common practice for our team, these measurements keep being special!