New multipurpose terminal

New multipurpose terminal

To support the vision of a multimodal sustainable supply chain, and our growing activities, Van der Vlist is building a new, privately owned, terminal at Port of Moerdijk. By the end of this year, the terminal will be operational.

As many of our customers work with overseas production, Van der Vlist wants to ensure a terminal location, where these products are handled sustainably, congestion-free, and efficiently. The new Moerdijk terminal meets those expectations, with its 650 metres long quay wall and ideal connections to the hinterland by inland waterway, railway and road.

Interchange point

Moerdijk is an important interchange point in our blue road philosophy, referring to transport over the water of the Rhine or Danube. Van der Vlist believes in a multimodal approach, with the vision of using inland waterway and railway as the main gates to the hinterland and using road transport more and more for ‘the last mile’.

Collecting point

Regarding activities at our new terminal, the emphasis is on storage and transshipment, starting with two of our sales markets: the construction sector - from large steel constructions to building materials and construction machines - and the energy market: from battery packs to wind turbines. For these activities, the extra capacity of 92.000 square metres, including 16.000 square metres of additional indoor storage, will be put into use.

Lifting capacity is expanded with overhead cranes up to 80 tonnes. Adjacent to the waterfront, an enormous gantry crane with a span of 50 metres and a lifting capacity of 80 tons will be put into use. We have new state of the art port equipment, and our Liebherr harbour crane mobile duo, can be deployed up to 230 tonnes. Our heavy duty reach stackers remain in charge of the handling of wind components, for example.

Sustainable solutions

Everything is aimed at providing our customers with optimal, sustainable solutions. Not just transporting from A to B, but providing our management function at our terminal, where products from different parts of the world come together in a central location to be processed and distributed just-in-time. The Van der Vlist Group, as a 4PL service provider, can provide customers the complete logistics service

Want to know more?

We would love to speak with you about Van der Vlist as a company, our new terminal, and answer any questions you might have. Feel free to approach one of our colleagues at the stand, or you can send an e-mail to, and we will make sure you get in contact with the right person.