Cutting through roundabouts with 83-meter-long blades


This month, the Van der Vlist team carried out another wind turbine project, together with TMA Logistics and the Port of Amsterdam. Being a specialist load, the transport went over the roads by night, which resulted in some fascinating video footage!

The transport length added up to around 95 meters. Although our team is used to moving this type of load regularly, it is quite the sight. Just imagine about 95 doorways next to each other, making for a long, almost endless hallway! With our experienced team and fleet of trailers that are especially designed for the transport of wind turbine parts, Van der Vlist has the power to take care of it all. Even when parts are too big to go over the road, Van der Vlist has multimodal solutions ready to make sure everything reaches its destination, in this case, the Flevopolder. This route involves loading parts on barges that go to the Flevokusthaven and use of our own reach stackers to unload, followed up by transport with our special trailers. More info on how we transport parts via inland waterway can be found in our ‘Ms Marina’ article.

Before moving such a large transport, our project and site managers map out the best route and identify any obstacles. Although the Port of Amsterdam’s accessibility is very well-thought-out, the lamp posts at the entryway to the highway still had to be moved. In good cooperation with TMA Logistics and Port of Amsterdam, the Van der Vlist team made sure to take care of that too. With everyone working together, the project ran like clockwork.

Video footage: Port of Amsterdam