Recycling Metros

Last week we performed a transport with our special five-axle Broshuis trailers. These are especially developed for tram and rail transport.

After many years of loyal service, the Amsterdam metros have reached retirement age, so they are taken to be professionally dismantled. This means that the reusable materials will be recycled, and parts that cannot be reused  will be disposed of in accordance with EU regulations.

It was only a short journey from Amsterdam to Utrecht, however it is part of 60 transports, each weighing around 47 tons. This large weight can be contributed to the metros being 30.6 meters long, 3.1 meters wide and 3.6 meters high. This height is already excluding the top of the roof, as that had been dismantled by our client on location. The special  trailers are equipped with rails in the deck, so the metros can be winched on directly from the rails in the depot. This way, no lifting operations are needed. With the hard work of our professional team, the metros will be given a new life.