Transport of wind turbine parts Wind farm Kroningswind

Van der Vlist is currently transporting V117 wind turbines to Kroningswind Wind Farm. There are 19 complete wind turbines which will provide green energy to approximately 65,000 households. In total, we will handle about 171 special transports, 9 components per turbine. Components to complete 2 turbines are brought to Goeree-Overflakkee every week.            

After completion, the total height of each wind turbine will be 150 metres, with a rotor diameter of 117 metres.            

Van der Vlist is coordinating the complete road transport. A complex project. Complex due to the 'difficult' location of the site, which means there are very limited transport possibilities by normal road. But also dikes that are not designed for these heavy transports and the many stakeholders play a major role in the complexity of this project. Good and careful preparation is then of great importance.

Our many years of experience with exceptional transport and the constant search for optimum solutions for our customers mean that we can ease the burden of this project for our customer.