Buses to Bologna

This full electric load is part of a series of thirteen transports and was able to get to its destination without a hitch. For this transport, the Van der Vlist team took care of loading, transportation, and unloading.

As Van der Vlist has delivered buses to many major Italian cities already, our team has been able to create a wide network to make sure the correct permits are prepared in a timely manner. The buses are then transported on our special trailers that are specifically designed and developed to accommodate a variety of models of bus. The trailers are designed to ensure the loaded combination is as compact and light as possible, allowing us to load rigid 12 meter buses, articulated 18 meter models and even double articulated 24-meter ones. This way, Van der Vlist can offer the best transport rates to our customers. The trailer is equipped with long ramps allowing for loading and unloading to be completed with ease, even where a static ramp is not available.

With the vast knowledge and experience the Van der Vlist group has, along with the right equipment, this was another job well done.