First ‘Brexit’ Bell went well

Last week, the first transport to the UK after the Brexit took place for our client Bell. The machine was loaded in Eisenach, Germany and then transported to Europoort Rotterdam.

Before this transport took place, Bell Germany passed export documents to our colleagues in the UK who then added the export info into the Port base system. When the Port base system provided a ‘green light’, we could deliver the machine to Quay in Rotterdam. Bell Germany then provided our office in the UK with a commercial invoice and packing list, so they could prepare the import documents on behalf of Bell UK. The machine was shipped on the ferry and was import cleared on arrival in the UK. Thanks to the teamwork between Bell Germany, Bell UK and Van der Vlist this first transport went well.

For future transports to the UK, Van der Vlist is able to provide the appropriate documents to ensure a smooth transfer.