RoRo Metro

The first of 34 units took a small trip in order to receive a midlife refit. The Van der Vlist team provided an all-inclusive journey.

The first of the 34 metro units went from Copenhagen to Zeebrugge and the rest will follow during the coming years. The Van der Vlist team made sure of smooth sailing by taking the waterway to Rotterdam. What makes the transport special is the length of the metro, as it was moved in one piece. This added up to a length of 39 metres with a weight of 59 tons per unit. Total transport length was approximately 49.5 meters long and weighed about 151 tons.

By making use of smart multimodal transport, this metro was right on time to receive a real booster treatment. By carrying out a midlife refit, the metro is kept up-to-date. This way it can take up its daily job again for time to come without any problems.

Maintaining current modalities well, means they can be in use longer. This prevents frequent replacement of otherwise fine materials. Sustainability is not only about creating new or innovative ways of moving, but also about taking care of what’s already available. Van der Vlist makes sure this process commences as smooth and sustainable as possible, making use of our smart solutions, reliable equipment and dedicated team.