Sharing technical knowledge. Joining forces.

During the upcoming season, Van der Vlist will put 50 machines for Claas through its workshop for assembly and PDI work, before delivering them to customers.

As confirmation of our strategic partnership, two mechanics from Van der Vlist were granted access to the technical heart of Claas, the technical development division, with the aim of acquiring technical understanding of their machines.            

During the day, the Van der Vlist mechanics went through all the assembly manuals to get an idea of what needs to be done on the machines, [together with technical staff of the Claas team. In order to put theory into practice, our mechanics made use of an available test machine.

Lastly, the Van der Vlist mechanics were walked through the operations regarding software. By carefully going through all aspects of assembly and PDI, Van der Vlist makes sure to fully meet client requirements.

Another great example of joining forces to advance (technical) knowledge.

Meanwhile, the first five of the 50 machines have already been through our workshop.