Technical services for all brands and for all machines

The Technical Services division at Van der Vlist has grown strongly over the past decade. In the workshops at  Zeebrugge, Moerdijk and Groot-Ammers we work on a large diversity of machines. For example, an average day in our workshops consists of the following type and volume of activities: adapting 1 tons to 100 tons machines, installing GPS units on new bulldozers, 2D and 3D calibration, building up tilt rotators, installing central lubrication, carrying out technical and visual inspections, modifying dumper bodies and painting full machines and parts in the customer's color.

In addition, our mechanics are deployed on a daily basis to assemble machines on location, for example in the harbor, in a variety of mining locations as well as the dealer or customers own locations.

This enables us to offer a big advantage for the customer as we are able to combine our technical services capabilities alongside our logistic services such as (multimodal) transport, storage, handling, customs formalities, allowing us to provide an all in solution.