Transport of an old 1880's barn

Van der Vlist was recently faced with the challenge of transporting an old classic 1880 barn from Haarlemmermeer to the city center of Hoofddorp. The barn, consisting of four trusses and a purlin roof, had a height of 11.5 meters and a floor surface of 18 by 18 meters.

Each truss weighs approximately two thousand kilos. It was a challenging transport, but we, as an all-round logistical service provider, have all the necessary experience to transport the barn.

The barn was completely disassembled on site and was to be transported in two transports. The trusses were 5.80 meters wide, which meant that a route survey was necessary. This was to establish that we could get to the unloading location.

The transport took place at night because the client wanted the barn to be built in one night. This meant that good preparation was essential for this transport.

During loading, we found out that the condition of the trusses did not allow it to be loaded onto two trailers. This meant that an extra transport was needed. Thanks to our years of experience and good coordination with reliable partners, we were able to complete this project in one night to the full satisfaction of the client.