Developments at Van der Vlist Moerdijk Technical Services B.V.

Developments at Van der Vlist Moerdijk Technical Services B.V.

As of February, Van der Vlist Terminal Moerdijk has been split into two business units, Van der Vlist Moerdijk Port and Terminal Logistics B.V. and Van der Vlist Moerdijk Technical Services B.V., to support growing activities. Our team is now in the home stretch of completing the split. What does this change bring to technical services in Moerdijk?

In current developments, the technical services team is fully focussing on all primary processes. Everything is based on provision of technical services. By further streamlining our processes with the processes of customers, it will be possible to cope with the growth of the evolving demand in the dynamic market. As the last part of the supply chain of many of our customers, the split will further ensure a wider service package that will further contribute to customer sales.

Due to these changes, Arne van der Boon, the new Managing Director at Van der Vlist Moerdijk - Technical Services B.V., envisions that in 2024 it must be possible to fully move with client demand.

However, a split of business units entails much more than just a change of name and office. People, materials and equipment also go through a change. Everything is examined in order to optimize quality for both our team and our customers.

The technical team will continue with an increased volume of activities like mechanical and electrical assembly, software applications, machine calibrations, painting, washing, inspections, packing and sealing, tracking and tracing and more.