SIMply the best

Last month, our team put their efforts into transporting and installing a flight simulator in Poland. The sim will be used to keep up with the training and recertification of pilots. By simulating certain kinds of experiences, pilots can be ready for them when they happen in real life.

Transport consisted of several out of gauge pieces. A bigger piece, measuring approximately six and a half meters in length, four and a half meters in width and almost four meters in height. This piece weighed around ten tons. Additionally, some smaller pieces were transported.

Due to roadworks, our team conducted additional route surveys to ensure a most efficient and optimal course of direction. In order to reach the destination, the trucks had to leave the highway in Poland and follow the national road for about 100 kilometres. With such dimensions, that is a challenge of course, but with the vast experience of our team, everyone and everything arrived safely on site. After arriving in Poland, our specialized rigging team unloaded the simulator, placed it onto the foundation and mounted all parts.

Van der Vlist has the power to take care of your flight simulator projects. We are proud of another successful delivery and are happy to contribute to pilot training, ensuring a safe airspace.