Double Electric

Last week, our trusted contacts from Volvo Trucks Nederland came by to take pictures of our new Volvo FH Electric. Of course, the model of the day was dressed to the nines with an electric Volvo excavator. In a short interview with Volvo, Anton Stam, Managing Director at Van der Vlist Schelluinen, spoke more about the use and purpose of our electric truck.

Through generations, the core values of commitment, perseverance, and compassion are central to all Van der Vlist activities. This also entails a commitment of not only working on our planet but also keeping it. With this vision, as well as Volvo leading the way in electric vehicles for the heavy transport segment, three Volvo FH Electric 4x2 trucks will be put into use this year.

The first truck is already on the road and will be transporting loads like construction equipment from different ports to our workshops. The Van der Vlist team is testing out different loads and weights and is learning how to drive as efficiently as possible as we speak. With six battery packs totalling 540 kWh and a range of up to 300 kilometres, Van der Vlist is pioneering on existing roads.

Given that this is an electric truck, route planning is mainly based on charging points. To always ensure our drivers can start every day with a fully charged truck, there are 44 kW charging stations at the Van der Vlist locations, which allows a full battery in a good night's sleep. This way, both driver and truck can leave fully charged and ready for the day.

Looking at the future, Van der Vlist doesn’t stop there. At our Schelluinen location, a commercial loading station is being developed, comprised of chargers with a speed of 44 kW and two fast chargers with a speed of 180 kW, or 360 kW during sole use, in case a quick charge is necessary.

Exploring different transportation methods, gives Van der Vlist the power to take care of our planet.