Moving 16 Home Modules

The van der Vlist team organized a transport of sixteen home modules from Estonia to Eerbeek, The Netherlands. Involving a variety of our own business units, Van der Vlist had the power to take care of all the aspects that were part of this project.

Our team arranged the maritime transport from the port of Paldiski to the port of Rotterdam and made a plan for loading and unloading of the cargo. Thereafter, our team organized an additional transport of six Euroliner trailers from Estonia to Eerbeek carrying spare parts for this project.

The modules were shipped in two groups of eight. In Rotterdam, they were loaded onto our own trucks. Our team then made sure that the units were ready for transport. From Rotterdam, they drove in a convoy of four units to Eerbeek. With their measurements of 10.50 meters in length, 5.59 meters in width and a maximum of 3.55 meters in height, the units were quite the sight on the road!

This transport is a perfect example of our multimodal logistics solutions, where we provide door-to-door transport of various abnormal cargos. With our expertise and personal approach, Van der Vlist has the power to care.