Terminal and port activities

Terminal and port activities

Our locations near water

As centuries of Dutch trade history have shown, there is no trade without shipping. That is why transport has developed from and is geared towards shipping. The choice of location for our branches is also related to this. Consequently, the Van der Vlist sites in Moerdijk and Zeebrugge are directly in the port. The Hull and Barcelona locations are located close to a seaport. Groot-Ammers is situated on the Lek and Algolsheim on the Rhine in Alsace, France. We provide storage and handling of heavy cargo at our terminals. Our heavy lift experts have the right tools for loading and unloading seagoing ships. After successful loading and unloading, the cargo can be further transported by trucks and trailers, MAFIs and terminal tractors.


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Our terminals

Moerdijk Terminal

Our terminal in Moerdijk has more than 120,000 m² of secured outdoor storage space and 20,000 m² of indoor storage space. The terminal also offers various technical services and has a Roll-on Roll-off quay for the transport of self-propelled equipment and MAFIs, trucks and trailers. Our terminal tractor unit transports goods with trailers to storage or to seagoing ships. Our terminal in the Port of Moerdijk is AEO certified. 

Port of Moerdijk

Our own deep-water port serves as an excellent connection for global maritime transport. The extensive industrial area is strategically located behind the busy North Sea ports. This makes it possible to guarantee fast transhipment and thereby avoid congestion on the mainland towards Europe. There is also a rail terminal at our location. 

Zeebrugge terminal

In addition to the terminal in Moerdijk, we also have a facility in Zeebrugge. The current site is located 1 km from the port and has 45,000 m² of outdoor storage space and 5,000 m² of indoor storage space, as well as 3,000 m² of workshops. A new facility will be added in 2021, directly in the port, which will expand the capacity by 25,000 m² outdoors and 4,000 m² of interior workshops and storage space. Zeebrugge provides excellent multimodal connections. Customs storage and extensive technical services are available at this location. There are also modalities for container cargo. The objective is to be AEO certified by the end of 2021.

Port of Zeebrugge

Our terminal in the port of Zeebrugge is located in the immediate vicinity of the Seaport "Port of Antwerp-Bruges". Both the Roll-on Roll-off and container terminals are close to the Van der Vlist facilities. We also have excellent multimodal opportunities available by rail and water.

Hull Terminal

Our facility in Hull is located 1.5 km from the port and has 2,250 m² of outdoor storage space, as well as a custom width loading ramp to allow for the transhipment of mobile machinery. Our Hull branch also has PDI facilities and a wash bay to fully clean used machines. 

Port of Hull

The port offers access to ro-ro, container and heavy lift operators for sailing to Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic states. Shipping options are also available through Humber Ports, with good connections to and from the UK.

Groot-Ammers Terminal

The terminal in Groot-Ammers is located on the Lek river, centrally located between the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp. The site has a Roll-on Roll-off quay and is close to our customs warehouses and workshops (90,000 m²). Our terminal is AEO certified.

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