A Conveyor Belt of Excellence

These conveyor belts have been produced to transport stones on a ship. However, to be able to do so, it has to be transported to its place of work first. The van der Vlist team took on the challenge that our trusted client Boskalis gave us to make sure the two large equipment pieces made it to Rotterdam safely. However, how does one approach this kind of task?

As the equipment pieces were very large, our team first carried out a load check. What are the actual measurements? What is the weight? And, not unimportant, can we carry out the transport based on this data? The ‘small’ conveyor belt measured 17 metres in length, 4.3 metres in width and 3 metres in height. With a weight of over 67.5 tonnes, our special- and heavy equipment was definitely needed. As there’s a smaller one, you might think to yourself: ‘What’s the big one, then?’ The second, bigger, conveyor belt measured almost 27 metres in length with the same width and height as the small one. However, with the increased length, this one added up to a weight of over 93 tonnes.

Our wheels can take this no problem, but the following step is to map out the route, make sure our surveillance cars are available and take care of the needed permits. In a route survey, everything is mapped out. From where to drive, to how to drive, and what obstacles might need removal.

After taking all those steps, the load now fits, the papers are in order and the route is all mapped out. All that’s left to do is to check that the load is secured and to get the engines started. When the guidance vehicle teams are ready, it’s go time!

The journey went from Neede to the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. With the specialized Van der Vlist equipment and our team’s extensive knowledge, both transports arrived safe and well. From the Maasvlakte onward, wheels are swapped for waves, as both pieces of equipment will travel by container vessel to Singapore. There, they will be installed on a Dynamically Positioned Fallpipe Vessel (DPFV), a ship that deposits stones underwater at a desired location by means of a fallpipe, to convey stones and bricks to the right place.

We are thankful for the good relation we have with Boskalis and proud of the services we can provide them with. When asked, Lars Mica, Mobilitzation Coordinator at Boskalis, described collaboration with Van der Vlist as the following: “We experience the collaboration with Van der Vlist as very pleasant! Our home carrier when it comes to heavy material/equipment.
They are always ready, and the men just know what to do. Always gives a secure feeling when Van der Vlist carries out assignments.”

And that’s exactly what Van der Vlist stands for: a committed and transparent collaboration, having an experienced and knowledgeable team and delivering our services consistently, while always looking for the optimal solutions for the customer.

For all your projects, big or small, Van der Vlist has the power to take care of it all!