About us

The logistics service provider of today

Driven by a passion for transport and technique. Van der Vlist has defined itself in this way since its establishment in 1930. Over the years, our family business has grown to become one of the European market leaders in the field of logistics.

As a logistics service provider, we are constantly looking for optimal solutions for our customers in a changing world. We do this by using information and communication technology, based on integrity and transparency. As a 4PL service provider, we share knowledge, experience and information in the interests of transparency in order to achieve optimum cooperation.

A fast and flexible response to the needs of our customers is made possible by:

  • Our driven, flexible and well-trained staff
  • Our network of offices
  • A large fleet of specialised transport equipment
  • Extensive knowledge and technical experience in the fields of assembly, modification and inspection
  • Several branches are located near major European seaports
  • Our own deep-sea terminal in Moerdijk
  • Strategically located storage facilities
  • Our project-based approach
  • 90 years of experience in the logistics chain

The Van der Vlist DNA

Our core values of commitment, perseverance and compassion are central to everything we do. This is a return to the Biblical norms and values that have guided the company through the generations. This 'Van der Vlist DNA' continues to be reflected in all departments of the company, especially in the high level of commitment of our employees. Working according to these core values creates a long-term relationship for all parties - employees, customers, suppliers and Van der Vlist itself.

Our markets