A Horseman on Wheels

Last week, the Van der Vlist team worked with a very special load, with a bit more cultural significance than we’re used to. No roaring engines, no big wheels and no rotor blades.

The statue of the old Dutch king, positioned at the Buitenhof (outer court) in The Hague, has to make room for a site office and a watchtower while the Binnenhof (inner court) is renovated. The watchtower will be a viewpoint for the public to look at the renovation process. After the renovation, Willem II will return to his spot, but in the meantime he will stay in storage and undergo some renovations himself.

The monument is estimated to weigh around 2300 kilo’s and measures 3.9 metres in height. As The Hague is a strict environmental zone, it was time to shine again for our e-truck. To us, nothing seems more fitting than a powerful orange transport for the prince of Oranje-Naussau. It’s even in the name!

Van der Vlist, the power to care