Expanding the Schelluinen area

Over the last couple of months, the Van der Vlist Schelluinen location has been expanded. What once was barren is now transformed into a paved area.

With the growth in Van der Vlist trucks and activities over the last few years, the added terrain, measuring about 15.000 square meters, will be used for parking space for our trucks as well as the storage of machines that are to undergo technical activities.

Furthermore, a commercial loading station is in development. This loading station will be comprised of chargers with a speed of 44 kW and two fast chargers with a speed of 180 kW, or 360 kW during sole use, in case a quick charge is necessary. However, as we all know, sharing is caring. Commercializing the loading docks opens the opportunity for others to recharge their batteries. Van der Vlist has the power to care!