Generating lightning-fast solutions

The logistics sector is always in motion. It is constantly on the move, ever-changing and full of different modalities. For this generator project, the Van der Vlist team ensured a safe delivery from the factory to the port of destination.

The journey started at the factory, where the Van der Vlist team transferred all eight generators to a storage area.  After several weeks, Van der Vlist loaded the generators onto trucks again. Each unit weighed approximately  50-tons and  went to port by road to be loaded onto a river barge. For this to be possible, a crane was built up. Van der Vlist has a lot of power, but with dimensions measuring around 16 metres in length, 3 metres in width and 4 metres in height, some heavy-duty equipment was needed.

After loading, the transport to our German neighbours took place by waterway. Despite the permit issues in Germany, Van der Vlist was able to help our client with a quick and reliable multimodal solution. With our team’s quick thinking, our extensive network and our power to care, these generators are ready to provide power at the right place, at the right time.