In high spirits

Today we are in high spirits, as after 8 months of construction work, our new Moerdijk warehouses have reached their highest point. We celebrate this moment with all parties involved in the build of this multipurpose terminal.

We are thankful for and pleased about how the process has gone so far. Van der Padt & Partners Architecten have supported us beautifully through the design and building process. Aannemersbedrijf P. van Leeuwen is working tirelessly towards completion of the warehouses and office. At present, 8000 square metres of warehouse compartments are nearing completion and are scheduled to come into operation. By the end of 2024, the rest of the warehouse compartments and the office are expected to be finished.

Foundation and finishing up of the terrain en quay are professionally taken up by van de Beeten and Gebr. De Koning. Right now, the surface area is being worked on. Both the terrain and quay are expected to be completed by the end of this year, and from then on, the terminal will be operational.

Of course, we also want to extend our gratitude towards all (sub)contractors that have been involved thus far and will be involved towards completion of our new terminal.