Installing a hydrogen storage tank

Together with Meeberg ISO Tanks & Containers, the Van der Vlist team was able to contribute to the creation of Europe’s first underground hydrogen refuelling station. 

By converting renewable energy to hydrogen, it can be stored and used at a later time. Through such projects, Van der Vlist aims to work on a greener future, with a splash of powerful orange.

The Van der Vlist team started off with checking out the delivery location to make sure all aspects were in order for the storage tank to arrive. After transporting the tank from Rotterdam to Dordrecht, our team coordinated the unloading. By applying our logistical and technical knowledge, together with the Meeberg team, the unloading and installation went smoothly. We’d say that it was an energy inducing collaboration.

Van der Vlist is able to provide its customers with a full-service package. From transportation to installation, Van der Vlist has the power to take care of it all.