Long-term mates in transporting Used Equipment

Van der Vlist is an experienced carrier of used equipment, as it has been a core element of Van der Vlist business for most of our history. Maats and Van der Vlist go way back, as we have been doing business with each other ever since the eighties.

While Maats Pipeline Professionals has always been well acquainted with machinery for the oil, gas and construction industry, trading in used machinery is a newer line of business and intensified and expanded in recent years.

Good partnership, personal and flexibility is characteristic of the cooperation with Maats.

Van der Vlist always look for the best solution (as a combination of price/speed/safety/reliability/etc.) for Maats. A recent example is the transport of rollers from Norway to Goor, where the best solution was to ship Ro-Ro: pre-carriage > Ro-Ro shipping > on-carriage. The rollers weighed around 16500kgs and measured up to a width of almost 2.5 metres. The customs formalities were also taken care of by Van der Vlist.