Strategical hub

Recently the UAE’s Golden Jubilee celebrations in Hatta, Dubai were held and attended by the UAE’s most senior dignitaries. Our client played a major role in the realisation of the show at Hatta Dam.

Our customer rents and sells floating platforms. Their floats were used as a floating stage for the show at Hatta Dam. A large proportion of these platforms have just been unloaded at our terminal in Moerdijk. Van der Vlist is a strategic hub for them.

Quote client:

“We have a long standing relationship with Van der Vlist where understanding of our business and the terminal’s capacity to manage (last minute) changes in the logistics are key-factors in our successful cooperation“


Our terminal at Moerdijk is easily accessible by both water and road, it is centrally located and has flexible options. We take care of the storage of the floats, provide international transport by both water and road and offer a variety of technical services. Van der Vlist also offers the client the possibility of carrying out test set-ups and maintenance. For this, Van der Vlist supplies technical staff and lifting equipment.

Because we can operate from one location, we ensure the efficient running of the logistics for our client and thus take a lot of work off their hands.