Indoor and outdoor storage throughout Europe. Secure, accessible and advanced.

Outdoor storage

In Europe, we have over 345,000 m² of outdoor storage space. These facilities are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and the United Kingdom and they are suitable for any type of cargo. Short and long term storage of large self-propelled machines, cable reels, wind turbines and steel pipes is available at our sites.

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Indoor storage

At our locations in Europe we have 43,500 m² of indoor storage space, in addition to outdoor storage. Overhead cranes and forklift trucks are available at these locations to hoist and lift loads. Our warehouses are large enough for the storage of large equipment. Space is also available for the storage of machine parts and large industrial components. Technical services are available at all of our storage facilities.

Customs storage

Goods can be stored with us until they are needed. We do this in our customs warehouses. Machines can be assembled and modified before sale, without the need to pay customs duties and taxes. We have trusted partners in nearly every country to promote beneficial cooperation in a complete international context. Our AEO certifications provide peace of mind. You can rest assured that the storage of your goods complies with internationally recognised customs procedures.

Inventory management

Our advanced ICT systems enable us to carefully manage your goods. Moreover, we also provide distribution in combination with our technical services and ensure that your goods are delivered according to your customers' requirements. You can count on that. Our service package is focused on value-added logistics, at every stage of the supply chain.

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