Transport of a slag pot carrier

Recently Van der Vlist executed the transport of a slag pot carrier of 16.37 meters long, 5.50 meters wide and 4,48 meters high from Ulm-D to Chatelet-B. Total weight of the transport including truck and trailer was 155 tons.

This was a door-to-door transport by road, the biggest challenge being the road permits to drive in Germany and Belgium. The height of the cargo played a crucial role in this.

Although road permits had been granted, it was not possible to drive on all National roads. Alternative routes via secondary roads were therefore sought. This was an intensive and time-consuming project with many challenges.

An engineering simulation tool was used for this exceptional transport. By visualising the transport, you can see exactly which road modifications have to be carried out on the route. This saves costs and is more sustainable. This tool also played a decisive role for the road authorities in allowing us to drive on secondary roads in Germany and Belgium.

Our experience makes it possible for us to carry out this type of complex transports.